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8 Airbnb Kitchen Essentials You Might Have Forgotten To Stock

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home. Well, that’s true for some. Many Airbnb guests will treat your kitchen like a storage place for their leftovers from local restaurants. And some will use every square inch of your cooking space. After all, many guests choose Airbnb literally because they want their own kitchen.     For this second kind of guest, you want to make sure your space does not disappoint. Effectively using a kitchen is not about pleasantly interesting surprises; it’s about being in the middle of a homemade dish, and actually finding the next tool you need to finish cooking something. That’s why it’s better to have too many tools than not enough. There’s nothing worse...

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The Ultimate Guide to Airbnb Gift Baskets

You’ve done it! Your house is listed on Airbnb. The photos look great. You’ve remodeled, fixed, cleaned, and you’re ready to grow that sweet rental income. Well, if you’ve done any research into what’s going to take your listing to the top of your hosting platform, you’ve probably started to realize that it’s all about 5-star reviews. Have you thought about guest welcome packs? Airbnb gift baskets are one of the best ways to get those reviews. Remember, first impressions are everything. Airbnb Welcome Basket Ideas How to get more 5-star Airbnb reviews? Make a great Airbnb gift basket. Whether you’re vying to become an Airbnb Superhost, or you just want to get all your dates booked up, the way...

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5 Musts For How to Be A Great Airbnb Host

You can be a great Airbnb host in no time with these five steps! A spectacular guest experience means everything for your business. When guests have those amazing moments at your Airbnb, they’re more likely to leave you the steady stream of five-star reviews that make your listing rise to the top of the algorithm. This is how you get the coveted red badge of the Superhost. We want to help you shine by teaching you how to create the incredible guest experience that will take your hosting business to the next level. 1. Make the entrance experience amazing First impressions are everything. The ingredients for a powerful Airbnb first impression often consist of a superbly clean home, a warm greeting from a...

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