This Airbnb Amenities List Will Give Your Home A "Wow" Factor

One of the most important and easiest ways to improve your listing and get 5-star reviews on your rental is to offer an extensive range of non-standard Airbnb amenities. 

Most guests arrive expecting only essential amenities, which are the basic items in order to have a comfortable stay. These include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap (for hands and body)
  • One towel per guest
  • One pillow per guest
  • Clean linens for each guest bed

According to a consumer survey commissioned by Airbnb, an overwhelming 97 percent of US travelers surveyed say amenities impact their travel experience. And while accommodations have the highest impact on vacation quality, amenities come in second for US travelers, ranked ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends. 

As for the most important traits travelers look for in an amenity? That same survey stated that the majority of them rate functionality first, like a coffee maker or a full set of wine glasses, and thoughtfulness second, like a bottle of wine, a bicycle to get around town, or a beach bag already packed with everything needed for a day in the sun.

And in today’s world of being constantly connected, surprisingly vacationers value comfort over connectivity, with the majority of those citing air conditioning as one of the most important indoor amenities over internet/Wi-Fi and full kitchens.

Everyone loves the luxury and look of a beautiful pool, but perks like free parking, and pet-friendly rise to the top too. People in the US prefer free parking over pools! And pet-loving travelers appreciate the ability to bring along their most trusted companions.

The “Wow” Factor

Try to think what extras would make you feel more comfortable during your stay? Now take these ideas and turn them into amenities! If you thought about them, surely many people would like to also have most of them.

If your place receives guests coming for leisure, going the extra mile with “home away from home” touches is a great plan. That makes a stay special and that is why guests prefer to book an Airbnb. Luxuriously soft bedding (be sure to choose quality linens that are easily washed and replaced), toys for the little ones or a comprehensive guide to the city with local restaurant recommendations, are just a few examples. As many guests will cook, having a well-stocked kitchen is valuable for them as well. Children will love a play-space or some fun toys.

Business guests have different requirements, of course. An ironing board or the number for the nearest laundry service are handy. Wi-Fi is vital and also extra phone chargers. Information on transport services and taxi numbers or free parking is a plus, too.



  • liquid hand wash
  • cleaning supplies
  • kitchen towels
  • ironing board (if you host many business travelers)


  • an updated first-aid kit
  • hairdryer


  • coat hangers
  • full-length mirror
  • luggage rack

Living room

  • city map 
  • current guides to the area with personal recommendations
  • phone charges
  • power adapter
  • TV with Netflix

Outdoor space

  • clean grill
  • grilling equipment
  • seating area
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • pool towels

The Extra “Wow” Factor

Guests who are constantly traveling appreciate the “extra mile” when you provide unique Airbnb amenities that are not found in a typical hotel room. Welcoming guests with a Dear Guests Box is a great way to start off their stay.

Follow these tips, and you'll be getting more five star reviews than you know what to do with. Superhosting, here you come!

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