How to Write an Airbnb Listing Description That Books More Guests

By now you probably know that high-quality pictures are essential to a successful Airbnb listing. Great photos are par for the course now. But what happens once someone is actually looking through your listing? They want to go deeper into why they should stay with you.
That’s where your Airbnb listing description starts to shine. Effective writing here can paint your prospective guests a picture of their experience vacationing in your home. Your profile shouldn’t be an afterthought. You want your writing to come off professional and relatable to your target guest.

Below, we give our most effective tips to filling out the bottom sections in your Airbnb listing description. We’ll cover: the space, guest access, interaction with guests, the neighborhood, getting around, and house rules.

The Space

After you’ve enticed a user enough to click on your listing and read your summary section, they will click “read more” and see a section called “The Space.” This is where you’ll explain the full details of the features you started hinting at in the summary.

A good place to start is with details about the bedrooms. How many bedrooms are there? What size are the beds? Which ones have a private bathroom? Are there special details about the community your home is in? This is the place to mention that.

Guest Access

What do guests have access to? Is there a pool? A garage? Recreation hall in the community? A gym in the condominium? This section is for listing amenities as well as telling your guests which areas are off limits.

Interaction With Guests

Guests need access to someone during their stay. Whether it be via phone, email or in person, they’re going to need a way to communicate with you or your property manager when something goes bad. So make sure you set the expectations here for how available a point of contact will be and how they can be reached.

The Neighborhood

Your guests are probably looking for something fun to do on their trip! That could mean many different things to different demographics, but some safe things to mention are nearby parks, museums, coffee shops, malls, beaches, and major attractions.

Mention what is around your home as well as details about how long it takes to get to these places. For example, if you live in a walking area, say “the grocery store is a 5-minute walk,” but if the route is by highway say, “the grocery store is a 5-minute drive.” People want to know what kind of transportation they’ll need ahead of time.

Getting Around

This section is where you recommend different transportation methods to your guests. Is there a metro nearby? Great bus system? Is it a walking area? Beautiful and bikeable? If none of that is an option, then tell people about ridesharing options like Uber and Lyft.

House Rules

This section is different for every host. Are there quiet hours in your home because of neighbors? What’s the smoking policy? How about pets? Be as particular as you want to be with your rules.


A listing description doesn’t need to be the next great novel, but it certainly requires thought and intention. These tips will help you fill out this section and convert more curious scrollers to actually booking a stay with you.

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