How to Write a Magnetic Airbnb Title and Summary

Photos are an incredible tool to draw in users to see your profile but don’t think that a brilliant photo can’t be ruined by a lackluster Airbnb title. In some ways, it’s easier to get the photo figured out than the title. Most hosts will hire a photographer, but how few are likely to hire a copywriter to write one highly targeted sentence.

Your title is geared for one thing: to reliably get users to click on your Airbnb listing. But once they’ve clicked, they’ll want to get a deeper sense of your home. That’s where the summary comes in.

Below are tips to help you write an irresistible Airbnb title and summary.

The Title

You want to treat your Airbnb Title like a news headline. It’s all about grabbing attention. Go and search for any trending news story in google news, and you’ll see that there are dozens of ways that writers from different publications have framed the same exact story. Some stories will jump out at you and some won’t make you feel anything at all.

Use engaging language

Don’t just describe your home with the same old boring, “single family unit, 2 bedrooms” type of language. Literal descriptors are already included on the site, so you want to use your precious headline space for language that paints a picture.

Consider the difference here:

  1. Nice house in a good location
  2. Gorgeous cottage a brisk walk from downtown

The language in the first title is generic and doesn’t do anything for the senses. The second title starts to activate our eyes and sense of touch with words like “cottage” and “brisk.” It makes imagine we’re already on vacation.

When it comes to titles, the more exciting the better. Get away from generic words like “good,” “great,” or “nice.” Instead, use more engaging words like “modern,” “luxurious,” or “cozy.”

Write an honest description

Don’t use fancy words just to use them. The description needs to match the space. Misrepresentation is not a good way to start any hosting relationship. And it’s a fast track to a bad review that will hurt your future chances of more bookings.

Use up all the space

The maximum character length for an Airbnb title is 50 characters, and we recommend you use as much of it as possible. Every new word is another potential idea or descriptor that can hook your potential guests. So cast as many tantalizing hooks out there as the platform will allow in order to draw in the most fish.

The Summary

Once users have clicked on your listing, they’ll see more of your photos and have the chance to read your summary. This is your chance to really get creative with powerful language to make your guests feel excited about your home.

Include a few selling points

Consider the audience your targeting. Get in their shoes and imagine what they’d want to do, visit, see or explore on a trip to your area.

Once you’ve come up with a short list of top attractions, narrow it down to the 2-3 most relevant selling points. These don’t have to be an incredible museum or beach. Your home might be a desert oasis far away from civilization. In that case, you might want to highlight the beautiful yard or nearby outdoor activities like hunting or fishing.

Lay it out creatively

Cruise through the listings of nearby Airbnb Superhosts, and you’ll see a common theme in their summary sections: they’ll often use bullet points and other creative layouts. Some use ascii characters like stars; some write paragraphs. The common denominator is that they’re writing for their target audience by laying things out in an exciting way.

The limit for the summary is 250 characters, so use up that space wisely.


With some time and writing effort, you can effectively increase the number of guests you book on a regular basis. Don’t neglect a magnetic title and a dazzling description. They are some of the most powerful marketing tools you have to grow your vacation rental business.

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