Cozy Airbnb Breakfast Ideas to Make Your Guests Happy

Vacation rental properties are unique when compared to hotels. And that’s why the hotel industry is afraid of vacation rentals. But although vacation rentals are not exactly B&Bs, it’s always nice to have a fully stocked kitchen with the right utensils so your guests can have the most important meal of the day at your rental – their breakfast.

Many hosts like to ask in advance about their guests’ breakfast preferences. They can choose from a short-list or sometimes they can even have the option to hire someone to cook their breakfast. Some hosts also offer to cook themselves for their guests. But don’t forget to mention all of that on your listing so the guests can know what to expect. And always ask about any food allergies.

When your Airbnb home is located in an area with few restaurants within walking distance, offering some kinds of breakfast option will definitely result in a better experience for your guests and more stars on your home review.

Offer the staple foods

If you decide to keep it simple, offer the basics (some utensils, coffee and sugar/sweeteners) and leave a list where your guests can find options to buy food (like a local farmer’s market) and either make or buy a delicious local breakfast.

If you want to upgrade, ask your guests their preferences and offer them a continental style breakfast. Several hosts say they leave foods like eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, cereals, breads, toast, jam, tea, and coffee. You can upgrade this continental style adding mushrooms, tomatoes, granola, homemade bread, fresh juice, fruits, cheese/butter, and milk. When there is a full sized fridge available for your guests use, you can also stock frozen option like breakfast burritos, muffins, croissant sandwiches, English muffins, waffles, and pancakes.

Remember kitchen utensils

With that many foods ideas, you will also need to have a kitchen ready to prepare them. Placemats, plates, silverware, and glasses need to be located close to each other, usually on the top shelves of the counter or in the island.

The coffee maker is usually the appliance that is the most needed, so it should rest on the kitchen counter–in clear site. Stock the coffee and sugar in a nearby cabinet. With fruits, milk, and veggies available, a smoothie is a great option for a fast breakfast. So keep the blender available and accessible in a top cabinet.

Toasts, bagel, English muffins and all kinds of bread require a toaster. So that’s one more appliance to have available at your vacation home.

Prepare the eating area

Food? They have it. Utensils? Yep! The last step to a perfect breakfast experience at your vacation home is to perfectly set up your eating area. It can be a cozy kitchen nook, a modern kitchen island or the traditional dining table. The most important thing is to always have this area spotlessly clean before your guests’ arrival. You can decorate it with fresh flowers in a nice vase and adorn it with a lovely welcome box with a nice message greeting your guests.

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