5 Musts For How to Be A Great Airbnb Host

You can be a great Airbnb host in no time with these five steps! A spectacular guest experience means everything for your business. When guests have those amazing moments at your Airbnb, they’re more likely to leave you the steady stream of five-star reviews that make your listing rise to the top of the algorithm. This is how you get the coveted red badge of the Superhost.

We want to help you shine by teaching you how to create the incredible guest experience that will take your hosting business to the next level.

1. Make the entrance experience amazing

First impressions are everything. The ingredients for a powerful Airbnb first impression often consist of a superbly clean home, a warm greeting from a host (if you live at your Airbnb,) and a beautiful gift basket.

For hosts who prefer a more hands-off approach to greeting their guests, we recommend investing in a keypad system for your front door. You can setup a unique code for each guest, and voila, your guests will enter easily and confidently every time.

2. Leave little notes around the house

Does your toaster only work if you jiggle the spring? Does your speaker system require a technology degree to figure out? Do your light switches confuse people? Notes are the answer!

Little strategically placed post-it notes (or even something more durable) can really save your guests from waves of confusion the next time they come across a peculiarity in your rental. Remember, details are everything. And these physically-located little guides can save the day. 

You might have written all this out in your online posting, but trust us, people need reminders.

3. Don’t skimp on essential home comforts

Serious question: Is there anything more satisfying than relaxing into a decadently soft bed at the end of the day? A quality pillow, high-thread-count sheets, and a deliciously comfy comforter provide the kind of tactile experience that wow your guests. You’re not running a hotel. You're leaps and bounds better than a hotel.

And speaking of hotels, sometimes you have to think like one. The best hosts provide bathroom amenities like lots of towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. And make sure your kitchen is well stocked with everything your guests might need to prepare a meal and clean it up: knives, cutting boards, oil, dishes, rags, and more.

4. Great Airbnb hosts communicate honestly and often

Our chats with super hosts show that time and time again, communication is one of the deciding factors between a quality experience and a more frustrating experience. We recommend emailing your guests one week before they arrive to set them up for success. Ask them simple questions like:

“Do you have any special needs?”
“Do you need any help entering the Airbnb?”
“Do you have any questions about the Airbnb?”

A simple email can bring up any potential issues way before they come up. And if as a host, you find that something’s going wrong in your home, let your guests know as soon as possible. They’ll appreciate the heads up. 

5. Make a guidebook of your local area

Your guests’ visit starts at your home, but it really shines when they go exploring in the city. And as a local, who better to guide them towards the best experiences than you?

We recommend making a paper guidebook listing all your areas best restaurants, museums, bars and other attractions. Guests don’t want to comb through an endless drudge of vacation websites to find where to eat, they want a local experience curated by a local like you. Point them towards local hangs that are off the beaten path, and they’ll be sure to thank you for it.

Follow these tips, and you'll be getting more five star reviews than you know what to do with. Superhosting, here you come!

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