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This Airbnb Amenities List Will Give Your Home A "Wow" Factor

One of the most important and easiest ways to improve your listing and get 5-star reviews on your rental is to offer an extensive range of non-standard Airbnb amenities.  Most guests arrive expecting only essential amenities, which are the basic items in order to have a comfortable stay. These include: Toilet paper Soap (for hands and body) One towel per guest One pillow per guest Clean linens for each guest bed According to a consumer survey commissioned by Airbnb, an overwhelming 97 percent of US travelers surveyed say amenities impact their travel experience. And while accommodations have the highest impact on vacation quality, amenities come in second for US travelers, ranked ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends.  As for the most important traits travelers look...

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Cozy Airbnb Breakfast Ideas to Make Your Guests Happy

Vacation rental properties are unique when compared to hotels. And that’s why the hotel industry is afraid of vacation rentals. But although vacation rentals are not exactly B&Bs, it’s always nice to have a fully stocked kitchen with the right utensils so your guests can have the most important meal of the day at your rental – their breakfast. Many hosts like to ask in advance about their guests’ breakfast preferences. They can choose from a short-list or sometimes they can even have the option to hire someone to cook their breakfast. Some hosts also offer to cook themselves for their guests. But don’t forget to mention all of that on your listing so the guests can know what to...

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4 Airbnb Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Sometimes you see online photos of amazingly gorgeous vacation homes around the world. These are places we wish we could book and visit right away. Guests love to post about the places they visit on vacation. And if your Airbnb has great design, they’ll tag your place and promote it for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to transform your Airbnb bedroom into a great space. And you don’t need help from an interior designer. As a bedroom is not a big place, it might just need a fresh coat of paint and some beautiful focal points like a piece of art on the wall (something local, from a painter or a photographer). As a vacation...

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How to Write a Magnetic Airbnb Title and Summary

Photos are an incredible tool to draw in users to see your profile but don’t think that a brilliant photo can’t be ruined by a lackluster Airbnb title. In some ways, it’s easier to get the photo figured out than the title. Most hosts will hire a photographer, but how few are likely to hire a copywriter to write one highly targeted sentence.Your title is geared for one thing: to reliably get users to click on your Airbnb listing. But once they’ve clicked, they’ll want to get a deeper sense of your home. That’s where the summary comes in. Below are tips to help you write an irresistible Airbnb title and summary. The Title You want to treat your Airbnb Title like a...

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How to Write an Airbnb Listing Description That Books More Guests

By now you probably know that high-quality pictures are essential to a successful Airbnb listing. Great photos are par for the course now. But what happens once someone is actually looking through your listing? They want to go deeper into why they should stay with you. That’s where your Airbnb listing description starts to shine. Effective writing here can paint your prospective guests a picture of their experience vacationing in your home. Your profile shouldn’t be an afterthought. You want your writing to come off professional and relatable to your target guest. Below, we give our most effective tips to filling out the bottom sections in your Airbnb listing description. We’ll cover: the space, guest access, interaction with guests, the...

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